The success of a project depends on equal consideration of all project phases.

Project process.

A museum project involving display cases can be divided into two main stages:
project development and project implementation.

Project development.

During the project development phase, all necessary information is gathered to define and refine the required constructions in terms of function, form, details and (site) conditions that influence the constructions. In this phase, Glasbau Hahn follows a systematic approach based on the systems engineering methodology. The method we use assures our clients that they „get what they need“, that the quality/cost ratio is superior and that project risks are minimised.

Glasbau Hahn works with its clients to refine the preventive conservation and safety approach, the details of the presentation concept (exhibit designer), the object safety measures (handling and conservation team) and the facility management aspects. We consider site constraints as delivery issues, review the structural conditions of the building and discuss installation issues (building and fit-out contractors). All of this information is then consolidated and approved by the client’s development team. Based on the client’s master programme, our project manager develops a coordinated project programme with milestones, which he refines with the client’s PM. On the basis of this information, we begin to create the display case designs.

In parallel, we go through a material approval process which should be completed with the start of approval drawings or prototype approval drawings.

We then develop each type of construction based on the exhibit designer’s drawings and the information gathered and approved. This process can include sketches, samples, mock-ups, 2D drawings and for specialist designs, 3D drawings and written information.

We go through various stages of approval before submitting our 2D approval drawings for final approval. These drawings are contractually binding and contain all the information required to define each display case.

The development process uses the Systems Engineering Quality Assurance method and is managed by our Design Development Systems Engineer.

Depending on the complexity of the development process, our customers may require a fully functional prototype to be built as part of the verification process. This is mainly used to fine-tune the designs and possibly apply minor changes to all the remaining showcases before going into production. This prototype is usually corrected if necessary and delivered as a ‚first of series‘ for sustainability and economic reasons.

The project delivery phase begins with the approval of 2D drawings and, if necessary, the approval of prototypes.

Project delivery.

Project delivery covers all steps from manufacture to transport and installation on site to commissioning and final handover.

The quality management of these processes is overseen at every stage by the responsible workshop manager and our general quality manager, as well as our project responsible ENG and PM.

Our in-house production chain, including the metal workshop, the glass workshop and the assembly workshop, together with our electrical and air conditioning workshop, form the backbone of our company. Glasbau Hahn has traditionally been a training company, keeping our expertise and knowledge alive for generations to come.

The GBH value chain.