Our respect for your cultural heritage motivates us to do our very best.


We are fascinated by our craft. Since 1829.


Our aim is to be as unobtrusive as possible to let your masterpieces shine.


Some items are not available a second time. We help you in your duty to preserve them for posterity.

Finest all-glass display cases.
The art of preserving.

Glasbau Hahn –
The art
of preserving.

German engineering of display showcases.
In more than 3000 museums in 38 countries
On 6 continents.

Glasbau Hahn offers you the experience of 200 years of glass construction and 100 years of solutions for the presentation, protection and conservation of the world's physical cultural heritage in museums, archives, libraries and private collections.

We can advise you on preventive conservation, security, lighting and presentation and help you choose the right high quality, functional, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and durable solutions for your institution. You can choose from display case models, bespoke products or the refurbishment of our extreme durable museum display cases.

GBH Glazing


”Take 60 parts sand, 180 parts ash and 5 parts chalk, heat it all up and you get glass.”

A 2650-year-old Assyrian glass recipe, now preserved in the British Museum. This incredible tradition gives an idea of how fascinating glass must be.

Around 90 years after the Hahn glazier was founded, a German rhyme „And the glazier lives from the wind. Come glazier, come quickly, through the window blows the wind“, was written in 1915, a theme that is still part of our glazier’s core business today. And as early as 1709, a monk wrote: „To let the light into the house, use the pure panes.“  Today, glass technology offers us extra-clear,

non-reflective, fire-resistant, insulating and safety glass that allows for ever more sophisticated uses of glass.

Glasbau Hahn is proud to have made two internationally notable contributions to this 2650-year history of glass with the invention of glass cement before 1930 and suspended glazing in the 1950s. Glasbau Hahn owned in his history over 130 patents.                                                                                                         Glass is our passion.

GBH Expertise


Collection Risk Assessment

The museum display case is an exhibit’s last line of defence against accidents, vandalism, unauthorised access, attempted theft, disaster and terrorist attacks as well as conservation threats.

The planning of the 'line of defence' depends on the risk assessment and resulting classification of the object or collection items.

Collections and individual objects are assessed according to their socio-cultural and political significance, fragility, monetary value and rarity, from which the required level of security is derived.

We can help you protect valuable collections at all levels. Over 4000 collections worldwide are protected and presented in Glasbau Hahn display cases.

Gbh security

Security level planning of a Museum display case

The security of collections in museum showcases is characterised by various aspects.

Glasbau Hahn has been a trusted specialist in museum display case security for almost 100 years.

Gbh preventive conservation

Preventive conservation planning for a museum display case

Glasbau Hahn is a recognised specialist in the preventive conservation of museum collections with its range of in-house passive and active climate control solutions and air handling units.

Gbh safety

Safety measures for people and exhibits.

Glasbau Hahn follows the system engineering method to assure our clients a holistic development of our Museum display cases, a way of minimizing risks related to safety but not only.

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