The safety of people and exhibits is our top priority.


While health & safety refers to occupational safety in the production process through to the delivery of our museum display cases, safety refers to operational safety, public safety and object safety in relation to our display cases. The subject can be divided into safety for people and safety for exhibits.

Safety for people

Glasbau Hahn specialises in the safe operation and public safety of large museum display cases and museum display cases in general. Our experience with oversized glass installations (e.g. 2.2 m x 15 m) and our in-house manufactured metal structures are the basis for the safe realisation of such special constructions. Our structures are designed by our in-house team of engineers and structural engineers in conjunction with our clients‘ structural engineers and checked by external structural engineers. Key structural

components are tested and provided with load limits. Our partner for static testing and fixings is TÜV SÜD Germany. The structures are designed in accordance with EN-DIN standards in relation to accidental force effects.

The opening systems of the special constructions are adapted to the static requirements and may be motorised, and opening procedures are developed to ensure fail-safe opening. We train our customers in the operation of the structures and provide operating manuals.

Safety for exhibits

Objects can be subjected to accidental forces, such as vibration, which have the potential to damage them. Handling of objects is also a risk factor, as is the ingress of water from sprinkler systems or disaster scenarios such as earthquakes, fire and water.
Vibration and earthquake mitigation

Glasbau Hahn works with vibration and seismic specialists who have implemented systems in Japan and on the west coast of the USA. Glasbau Hahn and its team are happy to actively support you in this planning.

Fire and water protection

Glasbau Hahn advises you on the use of fire-resistant glass and alternative methods to ensure fire protection in accordance with DIN-EN standards for museum display cases and exhibition areas. Together with our partners we develop and implement fire protection systems for exhibits.

We can also provide sprinkler protection for museum display cases on request. Please contact us for more information.

Disaster preparedness.

In disaster scenarios, rapid evacuation of individual objects may be part of the planning.
This requires special design measures to ensure that the safety of museum display cases is not compromised.

We can support you with your disaster planning.