National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

Cairo, Egypt
The museum displays a collection of 50,000 artifacts, presenting the Egyptian civilization from prehistoric times to the present day.

GBH produced a total of 112 showcases and plinths for the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo. All showcases are equipped with monorail sliding doors. The exhibits are illuminated by LED spots attached to magnetic rails.The display cases are equipped with active and passive climate control. Some particularly valuable exhibits are conserved in vitrines fitted with nitrogen modules. Certified airtightness rating of 0.1 per day.

Project details.


2018 - 2019

GBH team

Isabel Hahn Ι Goran Kukic

Number of constructions


Exhibit designer

Client's name

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

Light designer

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Equipment of all display cases.

  • Temperature
  • Vibration-Alarm
  • Light
  • WiFi
  • Humidity
  • Silica-Gel