Glass constructions.

The fine art of building with glass.

With the invention of glass cement, Glasbau Hahn laid the foundation for frameless glass architecture and constructive glass construction. Façade construction was revolutionised worldwide with our development of suspended glazing. With over 132 international patents, we have made a name for ourselves all over the world that still counts today: Wherever in the world structural glass engineering is pushed to its limits, we are the contact of choice.

We not only plan and build light and representative entrance areas and shop windows. We also build glass bus shelters for the Frankfurt public transport company, glass bridges for the Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria and oversized glass showcases connected to the outer facade at a height of 400 metres for the 577-metre Makkah Clock Royal Tower in Mecca.

Together with our efficient partners, we are now realising the dream of the century for architects:
Structural building with glass.