Our display systems cover most requirements, if not, we develop them.

Display case types.

The showcases can be categorised typologically according to different criteria: here we follow a mixed criterion between room position and shape, which is common in the anglo-saxon area.

We offer 9 types with different spatial positions and 2 types determined by their shape. All display cases have in common that we manufacture them in accordance with the highest international conservation standards. We develop also customised products adapting them to aesthetic or specific conservation requirements and offer the service to develop new design solutions with exhibition designers.

Each type of display case has several options for opening systems, which are tested and selected according to the specific requirements. Customised designs are also possible for this topic.

Free-standing display case

The free-standing display case is self-supporting, but is often anchored to the floor for safety and security reasons. It offers an all-round view on the exposed object.

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