The Cleveland Museum of Art.

Cleveland, USA
from 2007 till today, glasbau hahn has manufactured and delivered display cases for several galleries in the cleveland museum of art.




The design has been done by Department of Design and Architecture at the CMA. A large number of wall cases received a customized wood design, adapted to various galleries. Most cases have fiber optic lighting by Roblon Denmark and passive climat control system (some with active).The sloped interior deck served as a label holder. The expansion and renovation project of the CMA was done in three phases.

Project details.


2007-2015 and 2017-2019 in three phases

GBH team

Till Hahn | Isabel Hahn | Robert Fischer | Norbert Leonhardt

Number of display cases


Exhibit designer

Client's name

Cleveland Museum of Art


John Rae for Roblon

Client since



Equipment of all display cases.

  • Temperature
  • Vibration-Alarm
  • Light
  • WiFi
  • Humidity
  • Silica-Gel